What if you could afford sophisticated design?
What if you could sell your house in LESS time for MORE profit?
What if you could transform your current home into a true reflection of you and your family without it being intimidating or overpriced?

With Graced, you can!

About Graced.

I’m Morgan Thompson, the face behind Graced Interiors. Ever since I can remember I’ve been interior-obsessed. Always designing spaces in my head and helping friends and family make their places feel more like home. I’m a sucker for vintage furniture, all things hand-crafted, and pride myself on my ability to give new life to old things. I appreciate all styles and am a huge believer that a home should be a true reflection of its inhabitants. . . EVERY home has the potential to be something beautiful!

I’m a mom to one spunky little girl, married to my college sweetheart, originally from California but raised in Tennessee. Born into the music business and now married to it. . . it makes sense that I’ve just never felt the need to move away from my beloved Nashville. I’ve spent my life surrounded by family and friends who have turned their passions into careers and am thankful to be doing the same.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!

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